Special Course on Construction Pre- Contract Practice (Mwanza)

The Contractors Registration Board wishes to inform all Contractors that a special training course on Construction Pre- Contract Practice (Module SC 120/ MC 220) will take place in Mwanza at the Adden Palace Hotel starting at 8:30 on Wednesday 09th to Friday 11th January 2019.

This practice – oriented special course is aimed at equipping participants with skills to enable them to prepare responsive and competitive bids. Special emphasis will be on building competitive rates.

The course is targeted at Directors and Technical Supervisory Staff involved in project procurement and management.
The fees for the course is 50,000/= per person for Registered Contractors and 100,000/= for non contractors.

The Board wishes to inform Contractors and other construction industry practitioners that a similar course will be conducted in Njombe from 13- 15 February, 2019.