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Departments and Sections

    i. Receive and process applications for first registration, upgrading and dispensation as contractors.

    ii. Maintain a register of registered contractors.

    iii. Prepare and propose criteria of registration to be met by contractors for Registration in different categories and classes.

    iv. Review from time to time the registration criteria of contractors.

    v. Process review of registered contractors with a view of ensuring that they meet the registration criteria terms of their respective categories and classes.

    vi. To process applications for dispensations for specific contracts by clients or their consultants on behalf of registered contractors.

    vii. Visit and sensitize potential and public on the requirements of registration.

    viii. Review none performing Contractors.

    i. Manage all finances and human resources related duties functions

    ii. Coordinate & Control preparation & implementation of the Board’s budget and development plans.

    iii. Coordinate recruitment, training staff development and retention of the Board’s employees.

    iv. Administer financial and staff regulations and suggests amendments to improve performance.

    v. Identify other sources of funds and advises the Board on the optimal investment options.

    vi. Prepare and submit financial reports as required from time to time.

    vii. Administer and control the Contractors Assistance Fund and related activities.

    viii. Manage and implement all procurement functions of the Board

    ix. Manage all Board’s assets and Capital items.

    i. Carry out inspection with a view to verify compliance

    ii. Identify and recommends defaulters for legal action and witness cases in court.

    iii. Investigate complaints received by the Board and recommend to the Board for further action.

    iv. Review none performing Contractors.

    v. Carry out inspection for new applicants, upgrading and review of registered contractors from time to time at the Zones.

    vi. Carry out sensitization programs to raise awareness on compliance to Act No. 17 of 1997 and its by Laws of 1999.

    i. Coordinate of preparation and monitoring of Annual Plan.

    ii. Conduct research studies.

    iii. Register Projects.

    iv. Conduct Training to contractors and other stakeholders.

    v. Process and analyze data from Annual Return Forms.

    vi. Organize Consultative Meetings for Contractors & Other Stakeholders.

    vii. Prepare Publications.

    viii. Manage computerized & Management Information System.

    ix. Manage Resource Centre.

    i. Advice the Board on all legal matters.

    ii. Institute and Conduct prosecution of defaulters.

    iii. Handle legal disputes and/ or complaints presented to the Board.

    iv. Defend and / or present the Board in both Civil and criminal proceedings preferred against the Board.

    v. Co-ordinate preparation of both ordinary and extra- ordinary Board Meetings.

    vi. Take and / or record minutes of the Board and Management meetings, process and prepare action programs of the Board’s resolutions and directives.

    vii. Attend Management meetings and negotiations and ensure implementation of decision thereof,

    viii. Draw up scrutinize legal documents presented to the Board.

    ix. Propose and effect regular amendments to the contractors Registration Act. 1997 and its bylaws 1999.

    x. Identify overlapping legislation.

    i. Develop a flexible annual audit plan using appropriate risk-based methodology, including any risks or control concerns identified by management and submit that plan to the Audit and Risk Management Committee for review and approval.

    ii. Implement the annual audit plan as approved, including as appropriate, any special tasks or projects requested by management, Audit and Risk Management Committee or the Board of Directors.

    iii. Initiate any action and/ or recommendation, including an unscheduled audit; where exceptions, risks, losses, near losses or other matter requiring preventive action, should they deem it necessary. Management may also investigate/ highlight concern which may prompt action by internal audit.

    iv. Provide annual assessment on the effectiveness of the organisation’s controls in managing its risks and activities.

    v. Perform consulting services, beyond internal audit's assurance services, to assist management in meeting its objectives. Examples may include facilitation, process design, training, and advisory services.

    vi. Issue quarterly reports to the Audit and Risk Management Committee summarizing results of the audit activities.

    vii. Keep the Board Audit and Risk Management Committee informed of emerging trends and successful practices in internal auditing.

    viii. Follow up the implementation of recommendations and report quarterly the status of implementation to the Board Audit and Risk Management Committee.

    ix. Assist in the investigation of significant suspected fraudulent activities within the Board and notify management and the Audit and Risk Management Committee of the results.

    i. Administer Network Infrastructure (hardware, software &operating system)

    ii. Administer effective and efficient Network availability

    iii. Provide connectivity and technical support to users

    iv. Manage the CRB Website

    v. Advise management on ICT developments

    vi. Coordinate and supervise the developing and maintaining of documentation

    vii. Evaluates server performance and recommends changes to the environment

    viii. Provides and maintains directory of services

    i. Administer procurement of stocks, capital items and services required by the Board

    ii. Maintain safety, security and cleanness of assets of the Board

    iii. Be In-charge of Transport

    iv. Administer records keeping of the Board

    v. Keep records of Board’s Assets & Stocks

    vi. Supervise administrative services of the Board

    vii. Supervise vehicles, houses and offices of the Board

    viii. Maintain good public image of the Board through courteous staff and clean surroundings

    ix. Supervise Drivers, Office attendant and Record Management staffs and ensure provision of efficient office services

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